Lower Body Reformer
Gia Calhoun
Class 4627

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Love the short, simple, strong flow!!
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Wonderful class! I wasn't able to keep my legs perfectly parallel during the first part of the work we did on our sides because my calves are too tight to have my foot that far back ... does that work? I did work on keeping my hips stacked and parallel in spite of it but if my legs were parallel then my heel had to lift during the bent knee part (years of running!)
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Allana KD ~ That's a great way to modify the side-lying work! Everyone's body is so different and I think it's better to make it work for you rather than to do something uncomfortable/painful to fit the exercise. I'm so glad you enjoyed my class!
This class says "What you'll need: Reformer." then the instructor proceeds to use a box.
Steph S ~  Generally, our Reformer classes will use the Box unless it's stated that it doesn't. If you need classes with no Box, we have a filter for Reformer (No Box) under apparatus. I hope this helps!
Great leg  and core workout, thank you, thoroughly enjoyed the session
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Why Gia's classes are great:
1. She gives me time to set up.
2. Cues are clear.
3. She tells me how many reps ahead of time. 
4. She's  calm.
5. The classes are short which is great for my very short attention span but still a great work out.
And thank you for making it all look effortless

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I love both of your 30 min classes. Everyone can find 30 min per day. No excuses. We need more of these!
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That was great! Loved the leg lifts in footwork with the half open carriage and the hipwork with the slightly heavier springs. I need to steal them😃 Thank you very much!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
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Great review of the leg and footwork.  I liked the modified short spine stretch exercise.  Nice, calm voice and clear instructions. 
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