Empower on the Mat
Courtney Miller
Class 4637

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Wow, another killer class. Thank you Courtney!
Love :)
Great class, thanks !
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a pity it is difficult to do the exercises without the gliders
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Great & hard class. Courtney had a great tip for the one armed dead lift... "try concentrating on pulling one's abs together". That did help me keep my balance better.  I am sweating like a cold drink on a hot day.. but it was fun! Thanks Again Courtney:) 
So great...gotta get to So Cal and take some in persons!!!
Great workout! It was fun and challenging. I love gliders! Courtney, you mentioned something that awoke my curiosity. Something in the line of "Keep lifted the arch of the foot in order to track the knee over the middle of the foot". How do you "conscientiously" do that? I think of anchoring the big toe, middle of the heel, little toe... Your explanation is welcome. Thank you!
This class was awesome! Thank you Courtney Miller 🙏
I love your strength workouts, and vibrant delivery, Courtney, very empowering, thank you! Looking forward to doing more of this series.
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