Free Your Spine
Ilaria Cavagna
Class 4733

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Great class, I've done it twice this week! Thank you! 
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Great class. A lot covered in a short space without it feeling rushed.
Nathalie M Thank you Natalie 🙏🏼
Julia H Happy to hear that your body feels great after the class! Thank you
Julia Starobin 🙌🏻 Glad to hear that! Thank you Julia 🙏🏼
Niamh O Thank you. I really appreciate it Niamh
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Lovely workout with a nice fluid dynamic, such a release after the whole day writing, thank you!!
ilaria Cavagna -Loved this class, very challenging for sure...just what I needed!
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Thank you sooooo much. 💛Didn't have that much time and my back felt stiff. I feel like a new person now 😊🥰
Maria L thank you for sharing! Happy the class helped to release! 😘
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