Mat Workout in Japanese
Nagi Takahashi
Class 483

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Nagi ~ Please come back anytime you like and speak whichever language you wish. Clearly you are versed in three languages, Japanese, English and Body. Thank you!
So graceful and wonderful!! Thank you :)
love it
Teresa, thank you! Please watch again if I do other classes.

Heidi, just two words "love it" made my day! Thank you.
Beautiful, smooth ,flawless I keep watching it over and over each time more enjoyable hope to see more of your classes.
Malak, "beautiful, smooth, flawless" - I am just flattered, thank you.
I am hoping to go back and do more classes in early 2012!
Hi Nagi-san, Loved your smooth and graceful but mean time it's wonderful work out!!!! Looking forward to seeing next class soon.

Nagi-san, watashi mo genzai Igirisu de Pilates wo oshiete imasu. Onaji nihonjin toshite kaigaide katuyakushiteiru Nagi-san wo hokorini omottemasu!!! Korekara mo,(otagaini )gannbari masyou ne. Izumi
Izumi-san, so sorry for the late response!

I am so happy you liked the workout.
Soshite hokori ni omotte itadaite ureshii desu.
I wish to see you if I visit London.
Please contact me if you're ever in Tokyo!
that was so nice...u did it so beautifully and gracefully...language was no barrier at all...thanks for this lovely class...wud add to my favorites..
Thank you Aarthi!!
I wish to do more classes when I visit the US, hopefully within this year.
Until then, practice practice practice,
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