Just Go
Sarah Bertucelli
Class 4907

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Hi Lacey M, Thank you for playing!! Take care:) 
Hi Kyla F, details details...love that you noticed the bird.  So imported to enjoy those lovely little things around us.  Take care!!
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Thanks Sarah!
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Thanks Sarah!  Just what I needed to end my day!
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Thank you for yet another wonderful class, Sarah! I feel great after 45 minutes!
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Another fantastic class in this series.  Sarah, your cues are excellent and your choice of movements is exactly what I needed. Thank you, thank you!!
You are welcome Summer G.  Thank you!
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Loved the encouragement to do what feels right and the tips for taller people! Thanks 
Wonderful to hear Janice M ! Take care:)
Thank you Stacey S .  It is amazing what we can accomplish in a short time.  Thanks for "playing"!  Take care:)

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