Cadillac Workout
Meredith Rogers
Class 508

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Cueing is wonderful! Love watching you Meredith, you make it look so fluid. Love the warm up with the roll down bar. Beautiful class!
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Wonderful class, Meredith!
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This was great! Thank you Meredith!
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Meredith, I felt it in my body as I watched you work. Excellent cueing to stay in our centers. Thank you
Thank you EVERYONE! I felt really great during and after that class as well. I appreciate your feedback :)
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anyone else almost pee their pants when the train flew by outside!!! OMG
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Meredith: great session. Love your spinal fluid and precise!
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Train in background scared me too! LOL
excellent well rounded workout,and beautifully executed!
Again...I thank you! Gotta love the Cadillac.
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