Cadillac Workout
Meredith Rogers
Class 508

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So happy to see a new flow and great workout on the Cadillac. Awesome job. Thank you!
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Loved this cadillac class. Added to my favorites! =)
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Meredith this is my FAVOURITE class. I do it often and I really think you are one of the best instructors out there. Thank you for sharing your knowledge x
Thank you for sharing your feedback and making my day! :)
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Great classe Meredith. Thanks! I
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Love, love, love the warm up! and the entire class!
Thanks Jessie!
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Thank you Meredith. Great workout! Loved the abs work.....will try it.
Thanks Patricia. Always fun to hear from you. Happy holidays!
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Beautifully done. Love the analogy of running in a mini skirt with heels for Walking in Leg Springs! Ha!
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