Reformer Workout
Rebekah Rotstein
Class 534

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Thank You for a wonderful class Rebekah !!
Truly enjoyed all the variations :)
Another wonderful "safe" class. A very thorough and all encompassing session with some new techniques for safety. I loved it.
Rebekah thank you for this Osteo. safe workout on the Reformer, I needed this. I especially loved the Teaser like moves on the box perfect for my students with those tight low backs! Your Arabesque moves & cues were particularly beautiful! :D
I really had a great time with this class....I loved the flow and the many particular the hug a tree and the arabesque.....Rebekah is very easy to follow, I like her cues ....more please!!!!!!!! :)
What a phenomenal class. I used alot of these exercises in my osteo group. Thank you PA and Rebekah.
Really enjoyed this class. Thank you.
Rebekah, you are such an incredible resource. I feel much more confident teaching osteo clients. Thank you for this safe, solid reformer workout
Great session Rebekah! I love your cueing. I use similar cueing when I teach :) Thank you ! Hugs
Thank you! Love the sacral stabilization footwork exercise. I really needed that!
Excellent not only for my senior clients, but my younger kyphotic (cell phone addicted) ones too!
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