Reformer Workout
Rebekah Rotstein
Class 534

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I love how this is osteo safe yet challenging enough for anyone!
Rebekah. Thank you for this class. I really enjoyed it and will do it again!
There's so much valuable work to be had WITHOUT Thoracic flexion due to this world of technology forcing us to live there. You're clear & concise in your cues and the purpose of the movement is always stated - I know exactly what to be focusing on.Thank you! Love your work!
This class was well worth the time to look back and do. Thanks Rebekah Rotstein !
Amazing class! Love it!
Loved the variation of stomach massage with the ball!
This class is amazing. As others have said, it’s a satisfying work out but most notably, very therapeutic. I was having low back pain and lost the curve in my lower back after skiing and jumping horses. Ive done this class 3 days in a row with a few other posterior tilt exercises and am back to new with proper alignment. Thank you Rebekah
Enjoying all your classes Rebekah.  Your DVD is on the way to my house.  I expect to wear it out!  With May being  National Osteo Awareness month you should stop by PA for a new class.  :)
nice workout!

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