Fundamental Reformer
Kristi Cooper
Class 61

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i agree with Britt and Kristy. I try to tell my students that it's always good to go back and focus on the basics, but most of them don't want to, they figure they aren't "beginner" anymore. After teaching 8 classes today and not being able to "do" anything but talk, this was great!! Thank you Kristi!!!
Sorry Kristi, spelled your name wrong at the beginning of my first comment, but got it right at the end. :)
Kerry ~ after teaching 8 classes I'm lucky you were able to type at all! Thank you! Now Rest!
I have to say....I love Kristi...and she is right...i do the same....i return to basic many times and it is like discovering and learming a tiny bit more everytime.....
Thank you Paola.
Amazing cueing and explanaions! I can't wait to see more of your videos!
Oops, explanations
Took Pilates reformer classes for years but stopped about a year ago because I needed ankle surgery. This is a great first class to get back into it.
I just got a reformer so this was very nice for me. I could keep up with it and enjoyed it. Thank you!
Great teacher. I like the quality, rather
than quantity

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