Fundamental Reformer<br>Kristi Cooper<br>Class 61

Fundamental Reformer
Kristi Cooper
Class 61

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Jennifer G
I’d love more like this, please. The coaching and cues are really great.
Jennifer C
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Wonderful class with detailed instruction, cueing, and a great flow from one area to of the body to another. 
Jennifer C Thank you! 
Fantastic class. Couldn’t believe how fast it went by! Thank you Kristi
Just done the class again as loved it. Question Kristi- with Mermaid, should we be trying to keep opposite hip down towards carriage- similar to the Mat? When I took the legs further my hip completely raised? Thank you
That’s right it’s 2022 and I went way back in time to watch this fundamental class so that I might educate new instructors on my staff. The amazing thing is that I still had takeaways even after teaching Pilates for 14 years. Loved your cues for swan at the end: to engage below the shoulders and barely press with the hands.
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