Stretch & Mobility Cadillac
Meredith Rogers
Class 610

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very nice class Meredith. Loved the single leg work and the abs section in particular. As always, you move beautifully....:) thanks
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Meredith, this workout was so welcomed! After a week of stomach flu and couch sitting my muscles were screaming for something just like this. I had to omit some of the ab work due to obvious reasons but the transitions , fluidity, and your amazing cues were spot on. Your such a wonderful instructor and I thank you.
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After a week of recovering from stomach flu and alot of sitting and sleeping this was just what the doctor ordered. My muscles were screaming for something just like this .I couldnt complete the ab routine for obvious reasons but the workout was beautifully done and i thoroughly enjoyed this routine. Thank you Meredith for always delivering an amazing session. You are one of my fav instructors on here! Jamie
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Very nice combinations of strength, balance and flexibility. Well done Beautiful background sceenery. Thank you for spicing up the movements.
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Thank you....such great variations on this one. Plan to adapt to the Pilatesstick...wish I had the fuzzies. Love the balance pieces. Thank you again....
Thank you so much everyone. So happy to be here with you all!
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This workout felt amazing! More like this please!
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Beautiful class, Meredith! You move so perfectly! You inspire me. Thanks!
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This is indeed a lovely class. I suggest possibly re-leveling it though. Single leg tower and butterfly with balance are not level 2 endeavors I feel. The ab work with push through bar was fantastic and pacing superb (as always). Meredith is a gem. Thank you!
I believe you may be right Kailey...thanks for keeping it real. And a great big thanks to all!!
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