Reformer en Español
Veronica Ponieman
Class 619

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Loved these new and innovative series of stretches!!! Amazing the constant variety of classes that PA is offering!! Veronica great job!! would like to know the spring tensions used!! Thanks again
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Well this is interesting.. We dont have it in English?! Suppose you can follow along though just as well.
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Refreshing and innovative class Veronica, thank you. Although I would have loved to have understood your cueing, knowing very little Spanish, I took away so many great ideas spoken in the Universal language that is Pilates. Thanks again!
Admittedly not the same class, but we do have one in English!
Amy Havens Reformer Stretches
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Amy Havens stretch class was wonderful!! She such an inspiring teacher. I just love her. I love this class too although i dont know a thing she is saying, I agree with Brooke sometimes the Universal language still shines through! Good job Veronica..
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Muchas gracias por hacer la clase en español. Muy buenos los estiramientos.
Linda Vero como siempre!!!, felicitaciones!!
la pongo en practica ya mismo.
Had to comment again. I finally did watch it all the way through..shes just amazing.. loved all the attention to detail.,.wow I am so trying some of these with clients!! I dont think there was anything she didnt this.
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I've been looking for new ways to stretch my clients on the reformer so this was perfect! I don't know Spanish, though, so subtitles would have been nice...but I can still steal many ideas!
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Great great class!!! I loved it!!! I just have one question: I liked the stability ball she was using, what ball is it?
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