Reformer Workout
Madeline Black
Class 626

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Amazing! Such new wonderful tools. my new favorite! love love love your warm-up and pancake theory:) One day soon Ill make it to your Sole to Spine workshop in Sonoma. Thank you!
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WOW! This was a great workout. I love all the props! And the cueing was amazing! PA you are awesome......keep them coming!!
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PA on-line instruction is so appropriate and timely, its an absolutely brilliant idea that we are able to have access to this caliber of instruction, what a privilege to watch and listen to Madeline Black teach a class! This kind of instruction is especially important to me because I live in a fairly isolated location, Maui, and there is not much opportunity to take continuing ed. unless I fly to the mainland. Thank you Madeline and Pilates Anytime!
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Amen and I will second every thing Arlene said! How lucky we are to have this wonderful Internet community and access to such brillant instructors. Not to mention the variety of talent that comes in the door. Its so nice for those of us who cant make workshops to have access to such wonderful talent just by turning on our computer! TY PA for being here. I know I say that alot .. but when u see something like this here it just makes you so thankful.
Nice job catching the train in the class image!
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Madeline, thank you for continuing to educate us on exercises that work the femoral glide. This was very valuable after viewing your workshop on hips. My crush on you gets bigger everytime I hear you teach :) Seriously, after having trained under Michele Larsson and Eve's work it is a much welcomed perspective on fundamentals you have provided to us on this site! Little gems we all can cherish! Thanks PA.
We have a crush on Madeline too (especially me!)! BTW Angel, Michele Larsson is coming to PA on April 6 and 7 to teach and talk about Eve Gentry's work and of course her own. Join us in the studio if you can (having no idea where you live).
I second Ted's thought... AND everyone is smiling! That's like lightning striking twice! Well done Perry!
Thank you to all of you for participating in this online community. The fact that you talk with us, share your feedback and keep coming back is what gets people like Madeline here. We feel blessed to be able to work with instructors of her caliber and equally so to share it with you.
I am so excited, it is wonderful to hear about Michele Larsson! She is a dear woman with so much knowlege to share. I unfortunately live too far to join in person but will be eagerly awaiting her videos online! This is a fabulous community of teachers and I am sure Joe would be proud. I refer all instructors to the site and find it to be like having a mini Pilates conference available to us each day! Thanks again for all of the hard work you guys put into this!
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