Reformer Workout
Brent Anderson
Class 646

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Can't wait for his workshop this weekend in NYC!!!
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Agree with everyone! Very very interesting and beneficial to everyone. Can he do a class on shoulders now?!....
This was so great to watch from home...thank you, thank you, thank you....Is he doing a workshop format for you?
Bravo!!! molto interessante e ottima spiegazione, well done!
Fantastic. I know I'll study this one A LOT. Can't wait to practice it too. Gimme gimme gimme more of Brent!
Wonderful class, there should be more classes using some rehab techniques!
Thank you Brent Anderson!
Love this man's work! This session is my all time favorite class. Learning about disassociation of overworked muscle groups and being able to identify the stabilizer's is essential to our pilates practice and good health. Thank you Kristi for getting Brent on PA.
Thank you thank you Kristi for having Brent Anderson here on P.A. It felt like I had a hip and back massage from the INSide! I felt added length through my waist and low back, more space! Thank you again Kristi & Brent!
Excellent! Just tried Brent's "typewriter" articulating bridge with a client this morning and she just floated up after it with such ease, and unprompted was like wow! Hope there might be a workshop coming from him Kristi! Thank you.
I tried the typewriter on myself first, felt amazing then on a client..she loved it. Brent really is awesome.. I never heard back on here if there is a workshop associated with this class? Just be awesome if he would do one.
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