Mat for Baby Boomers<br>Risa Sheppard<br>Class 657

Mat for Baby Boomers
Risa Sheppard
Class 657

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I agree with both Risa and Kerry. I split the difference and changed the class description to Level 1/2. Ultimately, these decisions are subjective, but I think Risa's focus on making the exercises useful yet still fun for the new person (or new baby boomer) does merit a label of Level 1/2 and deliberate like the other classes similar to it. Thanks for pointing it out Kerry.
Excellent-thank you. Several of the people I work with are in need of the exercises you've created and I will be incorporating them into my session. This is extremely helpful for me.
Seems more like a pre-Pilates session. Defintely NOT the level of most PA sessions, but I now have some great ideas for a seated warmup and some cool down pieces. Thank you - I always learn something on PA
This is a relaxing and thorough work out. I loved the flow of it as well and felt great afterwards!
More baby boomer classes from Resa! Pls.
Thank you, Risa. I use PA as a resource to find new ways to challenge my clients, who run the gamut in terms of fitness levels, so I really enjoyed this class. It's a daily struggle to keep things interesting, yet appropriate. I'd like to see more classes like this on PA -- in fact, given the prevalence of obesity in the U.S., I'm putting in a request for more focus on those with weight challenges.
Mary L
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Not level 2 more fundamentals. too much talk and not enough movement. Very instructional but lacks energy.
That was exactly what I needed this morning after my extreme yard work yesterday! I think that the written description of the class is spot on with what to expect. I appreciate this class because she explains the proper form when stretching. I often hurry through my stretching and don't maintain proper form. This class is a good one for me because it makes me more mindful of how to get a deeper more precise stretch.
Mary L
I'm glad this class worked so well for Valerie Blackwell. That's what makes the Pilates Anytime Web so great!! What works for my body is a little more hard core and I do get that from many of the other instructors. Thanks for the response. After teaching for 12 years I've learned that Pilates instructions are not going to be a cookie cutter way of presenting the Method. Thanks and stay well!!
not much interest, too much talking not enough action
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