Traditional Wunda Chair<br>Brett Howard<br>Class 696

Traditional Wunda Chair
Brett Howard
Class 696

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Awesome class. More chair classes on PA please!!!!
Awesome!!! I love your precision in cueing!!! Amazing! Thank you so much!
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We need more Brett
Great class but it keeps stopping on me. How do I fix that?
Rebecca ~ I'm sorry that this video keeps stopping for you. I recommend trying our Alternate Video Player which allows you to choose a lower video quality. I find that Medium works best. If you continue to have trouble, please email us at for more options.
JoAnn M
love his relaxed style. his workouts are sneaky difficult but very accessible. Thank you Brett!
Thank you very much, just wanted warm myself before the new class;) now I know what to expect.
AWESOME!!! Brett I LUV that you mention light and strong springs for those of us who have a different apparatus!!! THANK YOU,,,,
Brett it is always great to view your videos....thank you!!!!
fantastic! love the challenge!!
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