Creative Reformer Variations
Courtney Miller
Class 697

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Thank you everyone for your comments and feedback! I loved working with PA and will come back any time they ask!!
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Amazingly creative and inspiring! Great cues too. Can't wait to use with my scoliosis clients.
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Great class Courtney,, I finally got a chance to actually do it this morning. Very revealing as to which side was so much weaker. Afterwards I am really feeling the difference. Awesome! Using this on my client this evening.
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Absolutely brilliant. Amazing class! Love Stott work. It's challenging, dynamic yet mindful. Other classes (other than classical) seem like chamomile tea in comparison :) This was coffee. Yum.
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Excellent class. Love the shoulder girdle stretch from stomach massage....very creative class. Super balance work. I plan to revisit this one. Thank you!!
Thanks everyone!! So happy you are finding this class effective! These are some of my favorite exercises to help me when I need to rebalance :)
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Just incorporated some of these moves to my client.. he loved the standing work with the weighted balls.. i omited the saw roll down since he has a disc injury.. thanks Courtney. I am hoping you come back for a cadillac routine or spine corrector class

I would love to Jamie! So happy to hear he enjoyed it!
I love the focus on creating balance and feeling the difference on each side of our body. Wonderful class...
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For some reason it is showing "you didn't like this class" but when I look at the likes, I am in there. I actually did like the class and thought I pressed the correct key (?)
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