Gratitude Meditation
Bobbee Kellner
Class 722

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Thank you for the reminder & the beautiful quote :) Gratitude for sharing :)

Thank you for the lovely comments. Be grateful to yourself for taking the time to do this practice.
More meditations are on the way.
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Thank you so much for offering meditation on this site! I've been searching for more ideas and ways to create classes that help me to teach a more mindful moving meditation Pilates class.
It is great that you are using this as an addition to your pilates classes. I'll continue to offer some short meditations that can be used to end or begin a class. Glad to help.
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This is wonderful on so many levels. The spiritual side of our existence needs attention too - just like our bodies. This is Pilates. Thanks!
Thank you Bobbee! Exactly what I need to start my morning.
So glad your are enjoying this and taking the time to give yourself the gift of stillness.
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Thanks Bobbee. Very good. A night Meditation would be nice.
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