Reformer Workout
Meredith Rogers
Class 728

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Perfect way to start this beautiful Saturday morning in Gainesville, Fl. I am now out to my pool to do a little water running and get some sun. Thank you, Meredith!
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you are the gift that keeps on giving!
Thank you so much for taking class and taking the time to share your comments. I appreciate you!
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Loved that. Perfect balance. Definitely "borrowing" some of these sequences. Absolute BEST!
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Great job! Fun, innovative and clear concise cues! Thank you:)
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Super fun interval class :)
Thanx for the energetic start to my day !!
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I would have liked to see more jumping :) How about a video with pure non stop jumping for 20 min?
Hi Pele! Nice to hear from you again. Hmmmm...non stop jumping for 20 min? Something to consider...any ideas on variations to keep it interesting??
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Meredith, how about stuff from trad. ballet jumps such as jumps in first, second and third/fifth positions. Changes (changements), beats (battus) would be great. And of course, jumps on one leg such as jettes or coupes.Then the usual more basic type of jumps. How about including hand weights somewhere in between too?
Thanks Pele! All great ideas...unfortunately, I have never studied dance so am hesitant to teach that which I don't know well. I will research......
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