Reformer Workout
Meredith Rogers
Class 728

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Great class!! I especially love the beginning sequence over the side of the reformer. The thoracic extension feels so good and definitely does add a little extra degree of difficulty to the curl. :) Thanks for the great workout and great material! You are very talented!
Thank you Ashley!!!
Pele....Good news! My friend Sarah (who is a dancer) is planning to do a longer jumping sequence next time she films. Watch out for it! :)
Thank you again Meridith for this jumpboard workout! I repeated it again today as its one of my favs. When can you do another simular with maybe a bit of focus on a bit of standing leg work included??
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i love this one... thank you
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I really enjoyed this workout! Thank you.
Thank you ladies!
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Once again...perfection! I have an Aero Pilates at home and I don't think I've ever enjoyed a jump board workout like I did today :) thank you!
Yay Tania! I love the jumpboard too!
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Thank you! I loved it - if you do any more interval workouts with the jumpboard that would be amazing. When my time is limited, it's so great to get the cardio in too.
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