Mat Workout
Michael King
Class 768

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Great class. Exactly what I needed!
Thank-you!! Beautiful class. I started out my teaching doing MK Pilates courses in Australia, still influences me today ;)
Oh Michael how I love your classes. For an ex dancer they are simply perfect in every way.You make me feel beautiful even if it is a struggle. No one can say this class is easy if done correctly. Now I can go swank with my thinner waist! Thank you thank you from Africa.
Great Michael King!!!:)
I will have to view again to benefit fully from all the lovely stretches. Loved the fact that this was a real class. Really enjoyed this it was challenging but thoroughly relaxing. Thanks so much Michael.
Another great class I've taken of yours this week. Your classes are beautiful, elegant but oh so challenging! I love the music to work out to. Thank you:)
Great class ... love it
Love Michael's teaching style!
Simplemente... me encanta tu estilo!!
Enjoyed every moment, Beautiful focus. Thank you. What was the music you had in the background? Perfect.
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