Pelvic Power Workshop
Pat Guyton
Workshop 841

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WOW Michelle! You are a very smart teacher to be able to hear and apply a small part of the information that could be presented in a workshop on Pilates and the pelvis. Teaching is about imparting information that is transformative. For any teaching to be effective, it must evoke new feelings, concepts and changes that can be passed to others. Without you being able to apply this information to yourself, you would not be able to give pelvic cues and expect your students to change. I will be very interested in hearing how things progress in your classes. Feel free to contact me. We can grow and develop without tension! Best of luck and have fun!
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Thanks for a great workshop, Would it be possible to have a paid 3 hour workshop on this. I would love to have more on the pelvic floor please
I would so love to do this!
Heather, please feel free to contact me. I would like to discuss the content that you would like to receive. Facebook is a good way to find me.
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