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Meredith Rogers
Class 934

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I keep typing and erasing looking for the words to express my gratefulness. For my wondrous 40 year friendship with Michelle and Denise (who is at my side in the class), for my new and very special friendship with Meredith, for Michelle's insistence that I "try" Pilates Anytime in the summer of 2011, and for the world of discovery, satisfaction and well being that it has brought me. If I thought I was endorphin filled from the vbac birth I just came home from attending---taking this class (only my second live mat class ever) and reliving the fun and excitement has me endorphin SATURATED!
What fun meeting my video classmates Deb and Lisa for the first time and getting to learn from Meri firsthand. Kristi might not have been present but her warm spirit pervades the studio. If like me, you rely on PA as your sole pilates instruction, please be assured you have chosen well!
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Thank you Meredith. I was looking for some elastic exercises. Love it!
You are, quite simply, a light in my life. I too thank Michelle for bringing us together. Thank you for your unbridled enthusiasm, your continuous support and your contagious positive energy. I feel lucky to know you.
All my love until we meet again,
And Patricia...thank YOU! Hugs right back.
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Meredith, thanks oh thank-you!! Had been replaying and playing your old flex band ones, now I have a new one. Loved the transitions so creative! Can't wait to try them out on my students. You are awesome.
Bringing inspiration from PA to very happy me in JAPAN.
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WOW perfect Class as always!! Great Work out!!
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Outstanding! Thank you!
Joni ~ For someone who has only taken two live Mat classes ever, you certainly seem to have a handle on the spirit of Pilates. Your dedication, discipline (apparent via your forum comments), enthusiasm, and palpable joy of life is something to admire as well as aspire to. Thank you for sharing so freely with us on PA. Though I wasn't there that Monday afternoon, I was thrilled to know what Michelle and Meredith were planning. We're all glad that you had a good time and hope you come again soon!

Thanks for the pics Kristi :)
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Meridith, you are one of my favorites. You always deliver an awesome challenging work-out with perfect cuing... I look forward to taking classes with you everytime!!!!
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