Reformer Workout
Melissa Connolly
Class 952

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WOW! So powerful! Loved the push-ups.
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Powerful class. Tons of abs. I don't think I would say this is a level 2 class though.
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Wow, this worked me over! Loved the swan, arms, legs...well everything really.
What would you say it is Lynn? I think I meant to make it 2/3 or 3 but can't remember in this moment.
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Thank you for a very strong focused class! I don't think I would teach this as Level 2? Level 2/3 at minimum.
I did feel powerful while filming the class. It was so inspirational to be back in California!
When I was designing the class I did chose exercises from level three of the Balanced Body manuals.
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Definitely not a level 2, I would say level 3. Maybe level 2/3
Sorry everyone, the level 2 description was my fault... I don't think its a level two either. I mistakenly defaulted to this when I was entering the class into our system. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. I have changed it to a level 3! For those of you who were surprised by the intensity of this class, I do apologize... and Melissa, you are awesome! Thank you!
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Liked it. I liked the different variations to what I know for Classical. Nice variation on the push-ups, I think more doable for lots of people.
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Seemed like a cool contemporary/classical fusion type of class. Super fun!
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