Reformer Workout
Melissa Connolly
Class 952

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One of the classes that I've like the most. Very dynamic !!!
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This is a fabulous teacher! Lover her ques and voice and format.
She makes the workout fun and interesting!
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Wow - amazing - great class!
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looooove it....this goes right in my favorite classes!!!!!! More!!!!!!
Thanks again for the great positive feedback! Keeps me inspired to be even better, never stop learning, growing and pushing to the next level!
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Loved this class, I don't have a box, but will buy one now, so i can do it again.
Hi Heather,

The Reformer traditionally is meant to have a box. I'm glad to hear you are buying one... In the mean time, I did a short video for people like yourself who currently don't have a box offering alternatives for common exercises. I hop this helps until you get your box.

Reformer but No Box?
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Loved this class! Really gave me a great workout along with some wonderful stretching. Feeling balanced. THANK YOU!
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WOW - i LOVE this class. It's the 1st class i have done over & over! Thank you Alisa {>
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Great athletic class Melissa! I am curious about the choice for supinated foot in footwork, bridging, etc? I'm not completely familiar with the Littleford method and wonder why this choice? Just like to know why I'm doing something mechanically, thanks!
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