Working with Active Agers
Erika Quest
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Excellent tutorial Erika. I will use it with my aging clients starting this afternoon. I will look up find lawrence. Thank you!
Thank you Suzanne! I'm glad you enjoyed and will utilize. I just filmed again at Pilates Anytime and had hoped to do another tutorial to add on to this info, but I didn't have time this go round. I can tell you that when my next reformer class posts, the jump board "clock work" drill comes from these ideas!
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I wish you could give half hour class on Bosu ball for young and old alike. We could watch it carefully and then try it. I have a bosu ball at home. May be I could start using it. thanks again. blanche.
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Thanks Erika! Very informative!
Thanks, CJ! Great idea and something to think about next time I film. Hi ya Jenn! Thanks for watching and for the feedback. Very passionate about this population.
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That was great! Well delivered, to the point and so informative! Thanks Erika.
Hi Tahmour! Thanks for the comment. I'll be back up at Pilates Anytime in May to do another tutorial for our Active Aging population so stay tuned!!!!
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Excellent class, really enjoyable. I hope you continue to do them.
Thank you, Jennifer! Appreciate the feedback and I hope to do more Active Aging content as well! Such a passion of mine. Much love, Erika
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Loved this informative video. Thank you so much!
Judy G
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