Strong and Long Flow
Erika Quest
Class 990

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Great class! I love all the rotation!
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Great class! I love combo classes:)
Thank you Liz and Anne-Marie. SO appreciate you viewing my session. This was the first time I used the chair in a workout, so your feedback is wonderful. Much love, Erika
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Amazing class !!
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Hello from South Africa. I LOVED this class. Stunning variations! It made me wish i was the student :)
More more!!
Thank you Vanda and Leigh. I'm so glad you enjoyed.

Classes in Seoul was very good. Circuit Training
Thank you Yeong! I'm so happy to have met you and that you took my class(es). :)
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Wonderful class Erika! Always love your cueing and the addition of movements with the wrist! I would love to see more mixed equipment from you (Chair/Reformer/Arc).
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I adore ADORE you two! I always love your classes Erika - they sit quite prominently in my favourites list - and I'm always in awe of Portia's strength and grace. love love love it
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