Strong and Long Flow<br>Erika Quest<br>Class 990

Strong and Long Flow
Erika Quest
Class 990

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Great class! I love all the rotation!
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Great class! I love combo classes:)
Erika Quest
Thank you Liz and Anne-Marie. SO appreciate you viewing my session. This was the first time I used the chair in a workout, so your feedback is wonderful. Much love, Erika
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Amazing class !!
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Hello from South Africa. I LOVED this class. Stunning variations! It made me wish i was the student :)
More more!!
Erika Quest
Thank you Vanda and Leigh. I'm so glad you enjoyed.
Yeong Cheol C

Classes in Seoul was very good. Circuit Training
Erika Quest
Thank you Yeong! I'm so happy to have met you and that you took my class(es). :)
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Wonderful class Erika! Always love your cueing and the addition of movements with the wrist! I would love to see more mixed equipment from you (Chair/Reformer/Arc).
Julie O
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I adore ADORE you two! I always love your classes Erika - they sit quite prominently in my favourites list - and I'm always in awe of Portia's strength and grace. love love love it
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