Shoulder Stabilizing Flow
Erika Quest
Class 991

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Love this workout Erika! Especially the double leg kick on long box...great cueing
Thank you Giovanna! It was a fun one to film AND to have Portia with me was an extra treat.
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This will now be one of my favorite workouts! Thank you for being so clear on spring tension and body position! I think I will be feeling this one tomorrow!!
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LOVE this. Can't wait to try it all. Wonderful class and so well cued. Thanks for this!
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Wonderful cuing Erika. Thanks so much.
Thank you!!! I have been teaching in West Vancouver, B.C. Canada for 7 years and really enjoyed the fresh ideas in this work out. I have the same reformer in my home studio and found it very easy to follow with your cues.
Can't wait to get onto my machine. Bye.
Where did you film looks like our coast here but sunnier and warmer.
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Gabrielle~ All of our classes are filmed at our studio, The Studio at Padaro Beach, which is in Carpinteria, California, just south of Santa Barbara. Actually some of Amy Havens are filmed at her studio in Santa Barbara.
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Wonderful job, my friend. Especially liked the proprioception work at the beginning, the rowing series with the dowel, and the double leg kicks. Thanks!
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Erika, what a fun class. I've never watched you teach before and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Cueing and body positioning were awesome. I'm a stickler for form as well.
Hi all! Thank you so very much for your kind words. I consider it such an honor and pleasure to teach for Pilates Anytime and try to infuse my true teaching style and personality with every workout. Your comments and feedback mean so very much and help me (and other PA teachers) refine and deliver what YOU (WE, because I'm a member too and watch all the time) want. Much love, Erika
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