Creative Ball Variations
Delia Buckmaster
Class 3720

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wow, very interesting :)
great lively class. great variation and cueing. loved it!
Great class! Love the mini ball. I use it almost every class. I got some nice new moves! Thank you!
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Reno, thank you for taking the class. I hope you enjoyed it!

Judith, So glad  you liked the variations with the ball. thank you so much for your lovely comment.

Beth, happy you found some nice variations, It's always a challenge to find create new exercises for everyone to enjoy. Thank you so much!
Really enjoyed those variations....thank you!  
Kerry, thank you for watching the class. Very happy you enjoyed it!
Loved this class!
Outstanding class! Such smooth & simple transitions with lots of creative sprinkles 
Delia that was great very challenging. I struggle often with the breath pattern. I find it hard to inhale while doing certain movements as I want to let go of my core. Any suggestions for how to work on this?
Such a wonderful class Delia. Some great variations to teach with the ball. Thank you !!
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