Traditional Wunda Chair
Brett Howard
Class 696

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Awesome class. More chair classes on PA please!!!!
Awesome!!! I love your precision in cueing!!! Amazing! Thank you so much!
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We need more Brett
Great class but it keeps stopping on me. How do I fix that?
Rebecca ~ I'm sorry that this video keeps stopping for you. I recommend trying our Alternate Video Player which allows you to choose a lower video quality. I find that Medium works best. If you continue to have trouble, please email us at for more options.
love his relaxed style. his workouts are sneaky difficult but very accessible. Thank you Brett!
Thank you very much, just wanted warm myself before the new class;) now I know what to expect.
AWESOME!!! Brett I LUV that you mention light and strong springs for those of us who have a different apparatus!!! THANK YOU,,,,
Brett it is always great to view your videos....thank you!!!!
fantastic! love the challenge!!
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