No Reformer Box?
Kristi Cooper
Tutorial 818

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So thoughtful of you to encompass many peoples' needs. Gets us thinking... Outa the box. Thanks Kristi.
Ha! Thank you Libby!
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Love love love that last version of the side over on the knees. I think I will steal it : ) j.k. I will borrow it, okay? J.
You can "steal" it Judy, but it wouldn't be from me! I'd tell you who if I knew who I "stole" it from! In my mind I came up with it that day, but I am certain the truth is someone along the way (or yesterday for all I know) taught it to me. I say we just have fun with it whatever its origin!
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great ideas Kristi, can't wait to try them myself.
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Me encanta esta clase, poder hacer los ejercicios del Reformer en Mat. Muchas gracias Kristi
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great way, to think out the BOX
Thanks everyone!
Thank you Kristi, I enjoy your instructional style. It's fun watching you teach after the many hours I've studied your photos in the BASI Manuals. You are great! Lauretta
Ha! That always strikes me funny to hear that people actually remember those of us in the manuals (other than the cover boy!). Have the time I look at them, I think Leah is me or I am leah! Anyway, thanks for making the connection and for watching.
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