Matapalooza 1/5
Amy Havens
Class 1063

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What "pelvic bowl" does she keep referring to? What "spinal eyes"? Liked her descriptions, but since the camera did not zoom onto the "pelvic bowl" and "spinal eyes", I have no idea how things are supposed to look like. Camera should zoom onto the instructor as she is talking the very particular aspect that she wants her class to do -- otherwise, it's a mystery (especially since some crucial movements are tiny and you absolutely have to zoom in, instead of merely hearing a description but not knowing what exactly should be moving and how).....
Pilates Tot ~ I'm sorry that you had difficulty seeing the movement that Amy was cueing. Many movements that are cued by instructors invoke a change deep within the body, and are oftentimes not even visible were you to be standing right next to the instructor. "Pelvic bowl" and "spinal eyes" are very descriptive terms, and I imagine that Amy used such descriptive words so that you could feel what she intended, without actually having to see it. That being said, in all of our filming lately we have been trying hard to capture multiple camera angles and views to give members an additional vantage point, so I hope you find those useful in other videos.
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Thank you Maria....and Pilates Tot.....what Maria points out here is such a great point. We teachers often cue with visual images to assist with physical connections. Our aim is to put the mind with the body. Now, sometimes images don't work---and that's a fact. But when an images brings the body to a new physical place, a new sense of connection, strength, grace, ease etc.... well then, wow, the image worked! I appreciate your suggestions for camera angles, use and when you would desire to have a different perspective. But again, in this class, much of what I was doing was very fundamental, to bring body. Hope that helps!
Nice work for my curvy neck!
Glad you enjoyed it Marianela!
Hi Amy--I'm.Elena.I love this class and the way you teach. Have a ton of your classes in my queue. I've had a super frustrating day and was ready to rip someone's face off. Fortunately there is no one here. Now I feel totally relaxed and mellow. Thank you!
Elena......I can't believe I missed this comment! Thank you, thank you!! This comment made my day! :)
Just came off of a spring cold. Nice way to do a gentle workout to work out the cobwebs. Thanks Amy.
That was a lovely class! So well taught! I loved the consistency of the imagery! Thanks Amy
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I'm just getting back to Pilates after a period of ill-health and corrective surgery. Really good to take this fundamentals class, re-educating muscles as well as mind. For a little while this could well be my actual class! Thank you.
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