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For goodness sake this is like Trump & Clinton- grow up! Go back and read some of what Joseph Pilates said
" Every moment of our life can be the beginning of great things"
"Everyone is the architect of their own happiness "
Many more inspirational quotes to choose from, stop shooting each other down, have some respect and live in peace!
Hahaha that's funny so who's Trump and who's Clinton
And Joe was also known to be tough and not always so nice and very opinionated.
Great interview. Thank you! I am fairly new in this Pilates world, about 3 years, but been in the fitness industry over 20 years. I think Sean is right. I have seen yoga get diluted to the point that it's not even exercise anymore, just a bunch of pointless stretches, which was not the original intent of yoga. I have seen it as personal trainer. Some people take a couple weekend courses, call themselves a trainer and are so bad they pull down the industry. Clients suffer, and true trainers suffer. And I am seeing it now in the Pilates world too. Weekend Pilates courses. Online Pilates courses. Actually that is how I started. A 40-hr online Pilates mat course. Thankfully I feel in love with the method and over the past three years I have been in search for the most authentic form. I find often when I take a contemporary Pilates class, I wonder what was the point of session? It just seemed like a bunch of fun and interesting exercises patched together without a purpose and intent. 
Thank you for sharing this interview. I appreciate hearing from both sides.
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