Reformer Workout
Nagi Takahashi
Class 1991

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Thank you for this class! I loved it! Great pace and cueing. I'm a new teacher and am looking forward to using a lot of the material in this class! Wonderful!!
Thank you Michelle.
I'm happy this material helped your teaching:)
My new Reformer workout has just come out, hope you watch it!
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I love this video so much! My hips are terribly tight. While the entire video is great, I've started doing the first 10 minutes of this video a few times a week before my workout and it is helped immensely. Thankyou!
Hi Sarah, I'm so happy to hear that your hips are getting better by just doing the first 10 minutes! Thanks for letting me know:)
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great hip mobility class thank you feel fantastic now
Thank you for watching Sandra !
I'm glad your hips feel great after the class:)
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