Prenatal Mat Workout
Melissa Connolly
Class 2094

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Great class, I am 10 weeks with my second child and this was just what I wanted! Lots of variation and I loved the leg work on the ball!
love it
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wonderful class. Thank You :)
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I'm 24 weeks, a powerlifter, fitness competitor and personal trainer-"normal workouts" are not working so well at this point and this is a perfect length an intensity to start my mornings!! Thank you!! I am also pre/post natal certified and can see your training is specific to our boundaries! Loved that!!
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great class!
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Melissa, you are fantastic! My body feels worked and aligned. I love how you modify movements that my body is used to. I'm 16 weeks, so my energy levels are finally coming back, and your class feels great! You are definitely part of my morning routine. Thank you!
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Brilliant class , I am pre and post natal trained but I no longer teach this type of class any more . But I have a pregnant lady in my Pilates class and I was struggling to know what to give her while the rest of the group are in supine . I now have some lovely alternatives to teach her. Thank you .
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I'm 38 weeks and I'm still loving this workout! I love how you hit all the sweet spots. :) Thank you, Melissa! I'm heading into birth feeling strong and centered. Hugs and high fives!
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15 weeks with my fourth child and finally have the energy to think about Pilates again. This felt good. Thanks!
Hi there, can I just check that this is using a 55cm ball?
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