Activating your Abdominals
Alan Herdman
Class 2293

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Always an inspiration. Thank you Alan.
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I love this class! It was so smooth, easy, and very effective.
Thank you so much, Alan.
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Thank you Alan, I've watched and practiced your 1st and 2nd classes. I particularly like the way you explain how to draw the abdominals, drawing in the waist as if tightening a belt - it makes so much sense.
Absolutely brilliant. I love your teaching.
It was Great ! Good teacher. Love it !
Alan is the teacher all teachers should study to get better and go further! Such an inspiration such a tranquil human .Thank you
Just found these classes.  Really good.  I am a Pilates Instructor but have low bone density and probably other people in my class do too. Alan  would your version of the pelvic curl be safe for low bone density?  I think we are still getting some flexion in the spine though.  Anne
Hi Alan.  Learning lots from you thank you.  I am wondering would the cueing of "narrowing the waist" use more obliques than TA.  I have been told I am over doing it with my obliques.  Anne
Thank you. Such a pleasure to go through these moves mindfully. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
Again a privilege to "work" with Alan. Side lying position tips were very helpful.
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