Sitting is the New Smoking
Brent Anderson
Workshop 2639

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Fantastic. In my workplace right now we are relocating and I'm trying to encourage them to the design the space in such a way that people have to move - alternative meeting spaces, standing desks...if anyone has other suggestions please feel free to throw them out. Thanks for a great workshop!
Even if you bring in a large fitness ball and they make the kind to use behind desks those are fun for a change instead of a has some give to it and def keeps you upright and balanced!!
What I saw was great. I got a lot of network errors that kept me from seeing most of several chapters. I missed most of the labs in the last two chapters which was why I bought the workshop. Maybe viewing on another computer will be better although I'll still be using the same network.
Linda ~ We are sorry that you had trouble with the videos, but we're glad you are enjoying this workshop. You may need to try a lower video quality to help the videos stream better. Here is a link to our video troubleshooting tips. If you continue to have trouble after trying these, please email us at
Another great workshop from Dr. Brent. Thank you very much!
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Great workshop- but please take a look at the quiz- there were spelling mistakes on the word muscle, incomplete question on when to have a joint replacement etc. The quiz was the most poorly written Ive take on Pilates Anytime thus far for PMA CEUs.
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Stephanie ~ Thank you for your feedback on the quiz. We have corrected those questions and hope that it is better for everyone who takes this quiz in the future.
Brent! Thank you for this information workshop! I would have loved to have you sit in front of me on an airplane and tell me to move. :) I also appreciate how you focus on simple, yet challenging moves to counteract the harmful effects of sitting. You have energized me to keeping moving in different ways. With more people using standing desks as a result of the research you cited about sitting, I wonder if there are new issues with people standing in one position all day.

I really appreciate Pilates Anytime offering such high CEC quality workshops. Would it be possible to share the topics the quiz will cover before hand? The questions were fine, but when there is so much covered and when we each engage with these workshops using our own authentic lens, a range of ideas resonate and seem important. I might have focused on one piece of a section, while the quiz seemed to emphasize another. So, a quick list of topics might be helpful for participants to prepare for the quiz. Thanks!
Rachel ~ Thank you for your feedback. We will definitely keep that in mind for future workshops! We are glad to hear that you enjoyed this workshop!
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Thank you, Brent for a wonderful workshop, of which content I'm living proof! For 10 years or so I've lived with 4 herniated disks. I consulted doctors and surgeons and just out of the blue, one day that I was feeling less pain, I tried a Pilates class. I noticed the immediate change in my body. I continued practicing routinely and soon became a Pilates instructor. I then became familiar with the natural squat and learned of its benefits. I've adopted it and have included it in each and every one of my mat classes. I've been pain free for years now. I dance, walk, swim, sprint without pain.
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