Creative Mat Variations
Anula Maiberg
Class 3132

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Sneha thank you!
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Love your classes Anula Maiberg you are amazing and such an inspiration!
Thank you Nathalia !
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Your dry wit and comedy timing had me laughing throughout this challenging workout .... if only I lived in New York, the UK is just a little too far! looking forward to further videos - a totally refreshing teaching method - well done you ,
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I loved it so much! Thank you Anula for this super creative class!Anula Maiberg
Thank you so much Julie !
Thank you Mathilde !
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I loved this class! A lot of fun variations that I hadn't tried. Thank you!
Thank you so much Jaime !
Anula! This class was fking awesome. And you are so uniquely funny. It flew by, I feel great, and I laughed the whole time!
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