Upper Body Strengthening
Amy Havens
Class 3422

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Loved this workout! So simple and effective. Any suggestions on how to modify those exercises where one is hinging at the hip with neutral spine? Even with strong abdominal engagement, it's tough on my back. Thanks so much!
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Great workout Amy! Just wondering why you cue us to lean forward?
Hi Pixie --try bending the knees just a little bit more , that could help, or possible doing these seated. The muscles in the back are going to be emphasized a bit though, which is part of the intention.
Shannon -- to slightly lean forward in case it was a bit too strenuous on the back and to bias towards weight shifting forward than backward. People tend to lean back, sometimes putting more strain on their back than strength.
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Great stuff, and so important to build up strength! And genius to combine strength building with actual postures where it's needed. I love your workouts, Amy, and will definitely be doing that one as part of my routine!
Question though: when I hinge forward and lift my leg, I feel considerable discomfort in my lower back very quickly - I've had a similar problem eg with Swan on the Reformer. I've tried to get deeper into my core muscles, as is recommended in such cases, but it hasn't really helped. Any tips on what else I could do and how to organise my muscles properly for this? Thanks! :)
Thank you Julia, glad you will use this exercises in the future. Let's get to your question: can you specify which exercise you're speaking about here? Maybe you're a person who needs to slightly - slightly bias your pelvis to posterior --- could it be that the hinge position you're a bit too anterior?! Length is the key in that thoracolumbar region and sometimes when people hinge, they shorten that area which can cause discomfort.
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Thank you so much for replying, Amy Havens ! :) Hmmm I feel this when I'm standing, then hinging forward from the hips and lifting a leg towards the back. But what you say makes sense; as it happens, I came across the same issue in my "real life" Reformer class again and by concentrating on lengthening the lower back and on activating the hamstrings and glutes (alongside the abdominals of course) I was able to avoid it. I think what you say points in the same direction. Many thanks for that! :) And I love your classes so much!
Glad this helped Julia R
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Great arm workout, thank you.
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Hi Amy, I love this workout, thank you! I have been struggling with nearly chronic trapezius strain for several months that radiates down both arms. Most of this is due to a stressful situation 6 months ago, plus I am working on regaining good posture. I am eager to gain my upper body strength back without hurting my traps and neck. I have been told to focus on strengthening the surrounding back muscles, particularly the lats. Again, I love this workout, but want to be sure it is safe for my situation.Do you have recommendations for me?
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