Upper Body Strengthening
Amy Havens
Class 3422

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HI Lisa -- glad to hear you're getting back to exercise after your challenging couple of months. Other muscles to focus on during strengthening besides the lats, would be your mid and low trapezius -- and yes, this workout is safe for that. Keep thinking 'shoulders down your back'.... not necessarily needing to aggressively pull them down, rather, give a thought to your shoulder blades being a bit heavy on your back while having a sense of lightness in your front body/chest. Good luck!
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Outstanding Amy, thank you!!
Glad you enjoyed it Lisa, thank you!
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really enjoyed the upper thorasic and lat activation on all of these....thank you!
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Wahoooo! My shoulders and upper body feel SO warm and loose and happy after this. It's my new fave arms workout, and I love that it included the ring and light weights. So good! Thanks, Amy!! 
Thanks so much Amanda Lutz and Kerry !
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This set of execices really help me to do better push ups. Thank you so much!
Thanks Amy, I feel great after this upper body workout. Another favourite!
Working on shoulders and scapulae helped me to get rid of most of the tension on my left shoulder; thank you for your great cueing Amy
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Except for the fact that my shoulders griped and complained endlessly during the handweight section, I had a good time taking the class. Though the ladies sure made it look easy. I am definitely taking more light handweight classes and this one again! Thanks Amy:)  
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