Mat Workout
Kathy Corey
Class 453

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What a brilliant class.As a Pilates teacher who is always looking to keep on learning,I found this so challenging and full of new insights.
Love the teaser now thanks to you! Excellent class and instruction.
Loved it! The standing pilates stuff was super and now I think I am in LOVE with the teaser, hated it before! Thanks so much Kathy, you taught it in a way that connected with me.
nice, great inspiration!
Loved this! Really interesting movements I haven't tried before - great alternatives in the standing work for those of us with troublesome hip flexors! Thank you.
The best explanation of teaser I have ever heard. I think I can actually find a way to make it work for my body!
Love this class. Is there anyway to get different camera angles? I would love to see the instructor from the side and the students. Just a thought:)
Jennifer ~ Thank you for your feedback. We do have a few classes with other camera angles but I will pass on the message that we should do it more often. I'm glad you enjoyed this class!
Thank you Kathy, always a fan of your work. And thank you for clearing up the confusion about standing vrs mat. With all the barre work on the current scene many are confused.... going to recommend this video. :)
Teaser is very great ex. , thanks a lot ! fantastico ! bellissimo !
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