Back Body Reformer
Mariska Breland
Class 3770

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Love this every time I do it. Such a great workout and fun variations on exercises we know and love. Thank you, Mariska. Please come back and do more reformer or a reformer/tower combo class.
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Great class and creativity! Hamstrings on fire, in a good way.  Loved the woodpecker, will certainly be stealing that one! Hamstring hinge a bit precarious on Allegro II as footbar lifts as you hinge, a little added challenge and concentration!! Fantastic class.  Your gentle nature and instruction puts you into a false sense of security!! 
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yes!!!! thank u!
Great class! Felt it! 
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Really complex workout! Definitely will try it. I have a question, because I'm not sure that all exercises are ok for clients with lower back pain. What is your oppinion? Thank you
Krasimira M Hi! You're right - not all exercises are ok for clients with lower back pain (or really any injury or pathology). The challenge with lower back pain is knowing the cause of it. A generalization (so please check with your client's doctor or PT) is that extension is contraindicated for spinal stenosis, spondylosis, spondylolisthesis, and some cases of herniated disks (depending on the direction of the herniation). I'm sure there are other contraindications as well. If I'm working with an injured client, I don't take them into any extremes of range (and this workout does in some cases). I hope that helps. My preference is always to ask someone's PT what NOT to do with them. 
Mariska Breland Thank you for your advice! 
loved loved this pilates routine so unique and beautifully qued
Meaningful and nice variations that still feels like I'm doing Pilates. Exactly what I need. Thank you.
Thank you Mariska what a great work out and fun!
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