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Amy Havens
Class 3836

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Phieuuuuwww.. my first video after almost 3 weeks of holiday To be honest, I didn't feel like working out, but you got me started again and I loved it!! I feel "it"
again Thanks!
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Finally had a chance to start and finish this class. Wow a real ass kcker for Monday morning. A keeper too, thank you Amy!
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Amy I just love to take your classes.  This one was just right for glutes and abs!  Great class.
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Awesome! Great quick way to start the day (especially as it was difficult to get up to exercise! Cold mornings!)! Thank you!
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You are the best Amy! This is a favorite!
Is always a BIG YES with Amy! :) love the class
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Love this Workout. Little specific takes on some of our basics. Thank you Amy for keeping it fresh AND specific.
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Great Core, variations and heat🔥❣️
thank you so much Michelle Unzueta Libby and Tammy !!  Glad you all enjoyed this!
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Loved the depth of the challenge in a variety of moves that worked body and balance!
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