Primal Mat Flow<br>Louise Johns<br>Class 3986

Primal Mat Flow
Louise Johns
Class 3986

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Susannah Of course, we credit where the work originates from, Peggy Hackney's work was a big inspiration to us and of course, with that Irmgard, we studied with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen last year, which was amazing. Along with the Bartenieff, we explored more contemporary work, Animal Flow, GMB, Ido Portal and so on and from the Pilates world so many great teachers, Jean Claude West, Elizabeth Larkham, Phillip Beach the list is endless. The last five years have been spent researching, exploring and creating this wor, we're so honoured to be able to share it with other movement teachers. During our Foundations teacher training we dive deep into many of the influencers, exploring their ideas and applying them into this work, the system that we use is unique to Primal Movement, we wanted to create a body of work that is comprehensive and applicable. Please enjoy. 
Soooo much fun!
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Alison Lloyd Right :) I love this work, so glad you enjoyed it. 
Kat D. That’s great & exactly our intention. Bringing the somatic world to the Pilates to deepen our understanding of human movement & how we can observe the body from a different perspective. 
Yulia S
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Thank you so much for the Primal Mat Flow class, Louise! This class gave a lot of new skills for my client and he has got great progress in the rock-climbing.
Hey Louise
That was the first time I watched one of your classes and you really made my day! I wasn't really motivated to train, but this was just nice and out of the daily business routine; a brilliant way to start the weekend. Reminded me lot of the animal moves class I once took. Thanks a lot for making me smile and move!
That was just amazing, I want to incorporate more primal flow in my practice, I will be following you. Thank you
loved this!  And had a few laughs, no bad thing, when I tangled up in the stand-then-crab near the end
Monica that's awesome! It's all about having fun and figuring things out. :) 
Valentina C
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Very nice lesson during quarantine, thank you Louise from Italy
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