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Veronica Ponieman

Veronica Ponieman

Veronica is the director and creator of VP Educacion Continua Latino America, which is internationally supported by Michael King Pilates and Kathy Corey Pilates for Instructor Training.
Read More She was an educator and the director of the Pilates Institute in Latin America until 2008.

Veronica Ponieman is a professional dancer with over 20 years of experience that has trained in many different areas in relationship to art and acting. Part of this training was undertaken at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Center in New York, the Centre De Danse Du Marais in Paris, and at the San Martin Contemporary School in Buenos Aires. She was trained by Michael King, Malcolm Muirhead, and Nuala Coombs, and was a tutor teaching their workshops in Argentina. She also trained under Kathy Corey in the United States.

Veronica Ponieman is an official teacher of the Coreband Program in Latin America. She is an international presenter of the Pilates work in countries such as Russia, England, Brazil, Japan, Uruguay, Ireland, Paraguay, Australia, and the United States. Along with Michael King, Veronica is a creator of a new exercise program called Spirals, which has been very successful in Europe and Japan.
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