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Chuck Rapoport

Chuck Rapoport

I.C. Rapoport (Chuck Rapoport) attended the School of Industrial Arts studying art & design, and he attended Ohio University, where he studied photography under Clarence White.
Read More He was an assistant to fashion photographer Robert Randall and to LIFE photographer Nina Leen. He also apprenticed as a photojournalist for the Paris-Match Magazine New York Bureau. Among other assignments as a freelancer, Chuck photographed Joseph Pilates on October 4, 1961 in his 8th Avenue gymnasium. These photographs are now the iconic images seen around the world of the master of "Contrology" in his studio, with the apparatus he designed that has so invigorated the fitness world.

Chuck was later drafted into the United States Army during the John F. Kennedy administration, and was stationed in the Pentagon and the White House as a military photographer where he photographed Special Warfare Center/Special Forces (Green Berets) as they were created.

Chuck also had a career as a screen and television writer after his first screenplay was sold to Palomar Pictures and Edgar J. Scherick. The first feature he produced was To Kill a Clown starring Alan Alda and Blythe Danner. Other works of his include Marathon with Bob Newhart, I Married Wyatt Earp with Marie Osmond, Happy with Dom DeLouise, and many more. He has been nominated by the Writers Guild of America for Best Dramatic Television Script, and he has won the Edgar Allen Poe "Edgar Award" for Best Mystery TV Teleplay and an Emmy Award for Best dramatic Television Series for Law & Order where he worked for three seasons.
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