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Anthony Lett

Anthony Lett is a Pilates studio owner, writer and teacher educator from Australia. A Pilates student for 25 years, Anthony has run his practice in Melbourne, Australia for 10 years. He gives new insight into the Pilates system that is applicable to both well-being and clinically based programs.
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Anthony has a diverse background with university qualifications in Philosophy, Sports Science, Exercise Medicine, Mind/body medicine and Clinical Anatomy. In his presentations, Anthony combines all of these diverse influences into a relaxed, entertaining, and knowledge filled package.

Anthony is the author of the popular book and eBook Innovations in Pilates, which details the integration of Therapeutic Muscle Stretching with the Pilates Method and is described as the “missing element” in the Pilates Method. He teaches his Certificate and Advanced Certificate in Innovations in Pilates in Australia, online, and worldwide. Anthony has delivered workshops in many different countries including Australia, Indonesia, Israel, and Turkey.

Anthony recently became an associate faculty member for BASI Pilates®.