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Anthony Lett

Anthony Lett

Anthony Lett is a StretchFit and Pilates studio owner, teacher, educator, and writer from Melbourne, Australia.
Read More Having been a former Director of Advanced Education for BASI Pilates®, Anthony has a diverse background with university qualifications in Philosophy, Sports Science, Exercise Medicine, and Clinical Anatomy.

Anthony teaches workshops globally on the material from his 8 books and Yin Pilates courses and materials. Included amongst his writings is the popular book and eBook, Innovations in Pilates, which details the integration of Therapeutic Muscle Stretching with the Pilates Method and is described as the “missing element” in the Pilates Method. Having presented his workshops and keynote addresses in over 25 countries, Anthony is a leading creative thinker in the Pilates industry. Anthony's 8 books, furthermore, contain fascinating world first 3D Pilates graphics and merge practices from Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Yoga and Mind/Body Medicine with traditional Pilates repertoire.

Anthony also runs regular retreats at his Bali Yin Pilates studio.

In 2020, Anthony launched online Certifications in Musculoskeletal Anatomy and Pilates Kinesiology. Both courses are approved with the PMA.
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