The Matapalooza Challenge

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Our regular instructors, Amy Havens, Meredith Rogers, Niedra Gabriel, Monica Wilson, and Adrianne Crawford, decided to get together and create 5 Mat Classes that can be taken together as one class (quite a challenge) or separately as great, quick workouts. Experience the teaching style of five of our regular instructors today.

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Intermediate Practicioners



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Fundamentals for a Warm Up -
Express Pilates - Adrianne g
Center Your Mind and Body -
Toned Legs and Arms - Niedra
Strengthen, Stretch, and Exp


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awesome! this is just what I wanted/needed to re-inspire my matwork, which is my absolute favorite aspect of Pilates. Love the sequence and variety with weights, magic circle and spine corrector. I really needed this--thank you so much!
I'd love to see a challenge with mat-only classes. I don't have any equipment other than a few small props (pilates circle, overball, hand weights, foam roller, band, block). I love the idea of this challenge, especially a series of 5 20-minute workouts!! I could do all of these classes if the last one was substituted with a mat class.
I loved this concept of a technique-oriented series that keeps you focused for 1 1/2 hours. Have been wanting to get back to the fundamentals in a way that pushes the mental intensity. This was just right for that. Like others, I don't have a spine corrector so I substituted Meredith's 2017 New Years class #2908 which seemed to fit nicely Thank you, regular instructors!

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