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A good Pilates practice is one that is integrated into your daily life. That isn't to say you must do an hour workout everyday, but since a little bit will go a long way, Kristi has designed a 30 day challenge to help you create a habit of Pilates. Some days are more intense, others are quite light. Follow along and share your experience in the forums along the way with those that are doing it with you. This playlist is lovingly put together for the person who has some experience in Pilates but difficulty with consistency. The overall playlist is an intermediate (level 2) but there will be some days that include some advanced exercises. Please modify where needed. For those of you who have Reformers and want to mix them in here and there, Kristi has added 4 options for you to place where ever you like. I would resist the temptation to put them in place of lectures or short classes. The body needs work, play and REST!

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People familiar with Pilates (Level 1 to Level 2)



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Day 1 - Getting Started! Th
Day 2 - This 32 minute class
Day 3 - This class will look
Day 5 - You'll love this cla
Day 4 - For day four, I summ
Day 6 - Join Meredith for th
Day 7 - Re-inspire your self
Day 8 - You're in for a whol
Day 10 - Use the Magic Circl
Day 11 - Amy challenges you
Day 12 - Hang in there... Yo
Day 13 - Now is a good time
Day 14 - Today you get to ta
Day 15 - Half way there ...
Day 16 - Just when you are s
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I had so much fun putting this playlist together it actually FELT like playing! My hope is that you would see the many benefits that we gain when committing to a consistent practice of Pilates. I'd love to hear what you think. More to come!
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Thanks for putting this together! I just got down to my pre-baby weight and am ready to tone up... this will help keep me on track. :)
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This is awesome! Love it - and starting today to join this 30 day challenge. It was tough doing 30 days in a row in August, but gratifying. This is so much better since you selected the workouts for me! :)
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Day 2 is done -- thank you for putting this together!! I have been using PA for about a year now and absolutely love it. This will be a nice exploration into classes I might not have taken otherwise. Cheers!
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I love this idea....I'm going to do it so count me in!! Thanks for putting it together Kristi!!
Rachel the exploration into other classes has turned out to be an added benefit. Even some of our own instructors are taking this challenge to get better acquainted with all the different instructors and to really explore the site as a whole. How cool is that?
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I am gearing up to leading my retreat in Mexico next month. Flying back home today after some really challenging life experiences, so I have a feeling that this is exactly what I'll need to get me focused again on what I love and do best. I'll keep you posted on how I do...
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Thanks, Kristi! This will be an awesome challenge for me but I'm in. :)
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What a great idea! Can't wait to start. Any chance you could suggest optional reformer workouts for some of the 30 days? I invested in an allegro reformer last year and like to alternate workout but am not quite sure about the best sequences. I'm a level 2. Thanks, love your site!
@Kathy - Might be good for one of the instructors (Kristi, what do you think?) to make an alternate challenge playlist that includes some reformer classes for people like you who own home reformers.
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